…& I began as a fine artist who migrated into the world of graphic design. From there, my desire for more hands-on work lead me to woodworking, a craft that nourishes more of the senses. I’ve always been a ‘found object’ artist, but instead of collecting textured paper I started collecting wood stock. I learned as much as I could about woodworking through work opportunities, an apprenticeship, as well as schooling. Throughout this experience, I’ve come to value an object that is well designed & constructed and have good sense for how to handle my materials.

Aesthetically, I approach woodworking with a collage artist’s eye, creating visually dynamic fields & rhythmic staccato balanced by the subtlety of wood grain. I create my best work where the worlds of graphic design, woodworking & laser etching converge. My construction is environmentally conscious, I regularly make use of low/no VOC stains/waxes/finishes. Some objects are created from re-purposed materials, using native materials when possible, though traditional lumber tends to be my core. Many items are built using joinery alone & built to last. I am passionate about working with wood as a medium and grounded in graphic design & illustration.



Illustration has been the backbone of many design projects. With my fine art background I’ve always maintained the practice of drawing, following the incidental line to create original illustrations used in product labels, business cards & laser etched wood.

Whether it’s developing a liquor label,  tea box, or flyer, it’s always about identifying a target audience & opening a channel of communication. Brand Identity/Promotional design is more than a pleasing design, it’s a building block to establishing a dialogue with your customer base.